Our Beautiful Studio

Awesome music, sensory, and story time classes for your baby & toddler.

About Us

Happy toddler so excited to be in the studio

we love little ones - the giggles, the little toes, the firsts (steps, words, sass) - all of it! And we've created a cozy space especially designed for you to make and capture precious memories with your little one. whether you come for a class, prenatal workshop, photo session, or just to relax in our baby friendly hideaway, we'll be so happy to see you.


we're excited to host some of our very favorite music, sensory and musical storytime classes -- hip hip beret global music with real instruments, Zumbini latin-inspired music and dance, drum circle, love songs for your little sweetheart, magic touch sensory fun, baby glee club, one for the books musical stories and puppet tales, Splaturday! and more! check our classes page for more info. 

Prenatal Workshops

Before baby arrives, expecting parents can come to our gorgeous, comfortable studio for one or all of our great prenatal workshops including labor & birth, Breastfeeding Basics, Baby Care Basics, Pediatric CPR and Family Safety & 4th Trimester (early postpartum) Secrets. Check our Prenatal Workshops page for more info.